November 30, 2007

An Alderbrook Resort Wedding

Michelle and Michael

Sometimes we are asked to travel to provide the decor for an event or wedding, something we are always happy to do. For this late fall wedding at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal, the bride wanted a feeling that was in keeping with classic lodge decor of the setting, but still modern.

This traditional bridal bouquet was a perfect match for the classic lines of her dress. We chose ivory roses and mini callas and studded this with fragrant stephanotis blossoms. We gave the bouquet a cuff of maidenhair fern which has the feeling of grandmother's lace to help the bouquet stand out against her white dress.

We found these wonderful birch bark sleeves to hide the vases for the ceremony florals and added birch branches for drama. The florals incorporate the colors of fall with reds, yellows and oranges, Granny Smith apples, dried lotus pods and maidenhair fern.

The tables continued this feeling with the birch cuffs hiding vases and overflowing with antique hydrangeas, lotus pods, roses and maidenhair fern. The table tops were decorated with rose petals, Granny Smith apples, preserved beech leaves and candles.

The head table received a pair of miniatures of the centerpieces as well as additional tablescaping.

All photos © Joan Arruda Photography

November 15, 2007

A Garden Wedding

For a Seattle bride who was raised in Hawaii and getting married at her home in the Issaquah Highlands outside of Seattle, we wanted to honor her tropical roots, but with a Northwest touch. We outlined the curves of sculpted topiary trees with white dendrobium orchids and green cymbidium orchids. Scattered rose petals on the ground delineated the ceremony space.

Her bridal bouquet continued the tropical theme with cymbdium orchids, fern curls and variegated bear grass.

Guests were greeted at the entrance by this floral sculpture of purple dendrobium orchids, blue hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids, fresh lotus pods, green hanging amaranthus and fatsia leaves. The submerged cymbidum orchids were magnified by the curve of the vase.

We created two sizes of centerpieces for the reception. The first were low florals that echoed the elements in the entry floral. We surrounded them with a collar of wheat grass in a nod to the garden setting.

We wanted the second set of centerpieces to give some drama to the reception tent. They also continued the elements of the entry floral. When there are a lot of tables, we find that a variety of height gives more visual interest to the area and that tall florals can prevent a space with a high ceiling from feeling cavernous. The tall vases are deliberately thin to avoid obscuring sight lines of the guests.

This view of the reception tent shows how all of the elements came together. The backyard setting is given drama by the splash of color. We layered two sheer overlays from Choice Linens over plain white tablecloths to add to the luxurious feel of the centerpieces and hid the tent poles in our own tent pole covers.
In addition to floral elements, Fiori can handle all of the decor needs for any event, including linen, tent, table and chair rentals.