April 22, 2008

Seattle's Only EnviroStars Rated Florist

On this Earth Day 2008, it is good to remember that our actions have an impact on the work we live in. Fiori Floral Design is proud to have been recognized by EnviroStars for our work in reducing waste and limiting our use of toxic chemicals. We are the only Seattle florist with an EnviroStars rating. With a few minor changes, we were able to increase our rating from three to four stars last year.
All of our green clippings are turned into compost by a local flower grower, preventing nearly 50 tons of waste per year entering our landfills. This grower then sells us flowers that were grown with the clippings we provided him.
We are also avid recyclers, producing less than one can of trash per week by recycling as much of our waste as possible. All soiled paper is put into our compost bags and returned to the earth. Wherever possible, we choose chemicals with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Instead of floral foam, which doesn't break down readily in a land fill, we design almost all of our florals in water which results in longer lasting florals.
We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

April 14, 2008

Administrative Professional's Day

Wednesday, April 23rd is Administrative Professional's Day. Honor your assistant with a beautiful floral from Fiori Floral Design. In addition to our traditional glass vased florals beginning at $50 we created three custom designs to help you express your appreciation.

This sweet mint julep cup floral begins at $75.

This limited edition floral includes a cute handbag made from eco-friendly grasses. This size floral begins at $75.

The larger version of the straw handbag begins at $125.

April 11, 2008

Wedding Cakes

Cakes are perhaps second only to the bridal bouquet in terms of memorable floral elements in a wedding. We have decorated dozens of wedding cakes for our clients. Here are a few of our favorites.

For a reception at Canlis restaurant in Seattle, we decorated between the layers of this cake with hydrangeas, red roses and cymbidium orchids with rose petals and orchids on the table.
Chocolate linens from Choice Linens.

For this three-tier wedding cake, we used Sahara roses, stock and cymbidium orchids for a cake that was as fragrant as it was delicious. The flowers were all selected from flowers used in the bride's bouquet.

This ornate cake needed very little decoration so we merely accented it with cymbdium orchids and hydrangea. The color is extended by perching additional floral elements on a sandblasted manzanita branch.

Calla lilies, roses, cymbidium orchids and viburnum decorate this cake from Hoffman's Fine Pastries in Kirkland.

This cake, decorated with roses, hydrangea blossoms and cymbidium orchids is beautiful in it's simplicity, but what makes it truly special is the use of the cake topper from the brides grandparent's wedding cake.