December 03, 2017

2018 Floral Design Class Schedule

Learn new floral design skills with our fun workshops in pavé floral design. From beginners to experienced floral designers, there is something for everyone in our classes. Learn how to build the foundation for your floral arrangement, to finishing touches as well as tricks of the trade. We teach secrets to make your floral arrangements last longer. At the end of the evening take home a beautiful floral arrangement with a value of $125 that you have created and a gift bag of tools worth $25 to make it even easier create beautiful florals on your own.

Texture Box
In addition to our popular classes in pavé floral design, we have added two new classes this year. Students have long been asking for a class to learn how to make our intricate Texture Box arrangements and our first Texture Box class is scheduled for April 19th! We supply everything you need and teach you how to layer in levels of texture and detail to create your own personalized floral work of art.
Succulent Planter

We also have a new class for students to make their own succulent garden. Students will select from a wide variety of succulents and we will walk you through how to combine different varieties to the best effect. Detailed care instructions are also included. 

Our pavé floral design classes are scheduled from 6:00 pm to 9:15 pm and are held in our Greenlake studio. Registration is $165 or $150 each when two or more people register at the same time. 

Our Texture Box classes and upcoming succulent planter workshops are only $100 and last for two hours. 

Private Class for a Shower

Private classes are available for groups of six or more and can be held in our studio or off-site. You may bring your own food and wine or have your class catered. Pricing for private classes varies depending on class size, location, and itinerary. Call or email with the details of what you had in mind and we can create a customized class just for you. 

Floral design classes make a great gift! Gift certificates may be purchased online or by calling the studio at 206.329.3944.

Upcoming Classes

Additional classes may be added as classes fill up.
Click on any class to be taken to our website to register or call our studio at 206.329.3944.

If you are like many of our students, you will want to take more than one class. We have two options for you to do that. If you are not sure which classes that you would like to take you may purchase a gift certificate for classes and choose your class later. This option may save you money if you purchase a gift certificate for two of our pave floral design classes. Visit our class gift certificate page on Verlocal for more details. 

A second option is to purchase a bundle of classes. Our bundled packages will save you money and give you some flexibility on picking the dates of the classes that you would like to attend. Class bundles may be purchased by calling us at (206) 329-3944 or on our Verlocal page. Use the drop down menu labeled "Options" at the top of the Verlocal page to browse our bundled packages of classes.

We were the first florist in Seattle to teach floral design classes in our studio. Since 2007, hundreds of students have taken our classes and learned valuable tips. Our methods are simple and the techniques are easy to put into use in most styles of floral design. Many students have gone on to pursue a career in floral design, while others have put their new skills to use creating beautiful arrangements for personal enjoyment and as gifts.  Here is what some of them have said about the classes::

"I have had the distinct pleasure of ordering and receiving floral creations from Fiori Floral Designs and Miles Johnson on multiple occasions and the arrangements are always breath taking. Knowing the quality of design of Fiori creations I was privileged to take a peony arranging class from Miles and I learned more than I had any idea I did not know about flower arranging. I was astounded and delighted with the results. I went home that evening with much more than a beautiful arrangement; I left with the confidence, knowledge, and tools to continue making lovely floral arrangements for friends and myself. The class was a truly enlightening and uplifting experience that I value greatly to this day. I highly recommend Fiori Floral Designs to all my family and friends."                                                         - Mary M.  06-06-2017

"Amazing class! Learned SO much! Thank you!"                                                            - Kathryn M. 11-3-2017

"I took a class and had a great time learning and making a beautiful arrangement, for sure it won't be my only class. 5 stars"                                                       - Nayeli S. 06-16-2017

"Thank you for such a wonderful class on Tuesday night. You are a great teacher, and I truly appreciated your tips and thoughtful supplies. I look forward to future classes with Fiori!"                                                       - Tara S.

August 01, 2017

Floral Design Class Schedule - Fall/Winter 2017

Improve your floral design skills with our fun classes in pavé floral design. From beginners to experienced floral designers, there is something for everyone in our classes. Learn how to build the foundation for your floral arrangement, to finishing touches as well as tricks of the trade. We teach secrets about to make your floral arrangements last longer. At the end of the evening take home a beautiful floral arrangement with a value of $125 that you have created and a gift bag of tools worth $25 to make it even easier create beautiful florals on your own.

Our floral design classes are scheduled from 6:00 pm to 9:15 pm and are held in our Greenlake studio. Registration is $165 or $150 each when two or more people register at the same time. Floral design classes make a great gift and gift certificates are available.

Private classes are available for groups of six or more and can be held in our studio or off-site. Pricing for private classes varies depending on class size, location, and itinerary. Call or email for customized pricing of private classes.

You may register online or by calling our studio at 206.329.3944.

July 27th - Summer Flowers (Dahlias)

September 14th - Summer Flowers (Dahlias)

October 26th - Fall Focus

December 7th - Holiday Wreath Decorating

December 14th - Holiday Centerpiece

Additional classes may be added as classes fill up.

July 18, 2017

Introducing #ThankYouFiori Contest

You can win a $75 gift certificate from Fiori Floral Design. All you have to do is like our Facebook page and post a picture of the gift that you sent or received from Fiori Floral Design with the hashtag #ThankYouFiori on our page. Whether it is an arrangement or an orchid plant, any gift that was designed by our studio qualifies for entry. Posting the photograph will qualify both the send and the recipient of the gift to each receive a $75 gift certificate. Both the sender and the recipient may enter as long as different photographs are used for entry. Senders of gifts may request at the time that they place their order that Fiori Floral Design take a picture of their gift. We will be happy to send it to you either by email or text message.

At the beginning of the month, we will share to our Facebook feed all of the photographs that were posted to our Facebook page during the prior month. A random drawing will be held at the beginning of the following month to determine the lucky winners. Every gift shared to our Facebook page starts with an equal chance of winning.

Take the best photograph of your arrangement that you can because you can increase your odds of winning when your photograph receives likes or shares. For every 20 likes and for each share of your photograph after we have shared it to our Facebook page you will receive one bonus entry into the Grand Prize Drawing. Photographs of the arrangement must be taken within 48 hours of receipt to be eligible and posted within 30 days.

A complete set of Contest Rules can be found on our website

May 03, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day Collection
Fiori Floral Design celebrates strong women in history by dedicating their Mother's Day collection to women who rose up, endured, created, took on causes and broke down barriers. Our list of options was long which made us reflect on each individual's life. We hope our collection inspires you to remember the notable women in your life.

In addition to the collection below, we have even more options to help you honor your mother on our website, including our popular Texture Bowls and beautiful mixed florals. Our vendors still have a fantastic assortment of colorful fancy tulips and we are just beginning to see the first local peonies. We would be happy to create a custom floral arrangement just for you. You may order online or give us a call at (206) 329-3944 to place your order.

To place an order online for any of our special Mother's Day Collection arrangements, click on the ORDER text below the arrangement description.

We will be open on Saturday, May 13th to deliver flowers that express your sweetest sentiment to your mother. In addition to Seattle, our local delivery area extends from Edmonds to Burien and east to Woodinville, Kirkland, Bellevue, Mercer Islan, and Issaquah.  On Friday, May 12th, we can extend our delivery area from Everett to Tacoma and Olympia and West to Bremerton via courier service for orders that are placed by May 7th. 

Ella - $85 to $110
Ella Fitzgerald has been called the First Lady of Song and The Queen of Jazz. She recorded more than 200 albums and 2000 songs. In addition to her 13 Grammy Awards, the NAACP Image Award for Lifetime Achievement, she also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Ella features roses, tulips, lilac, and hydrangea, accented with aranda orchids, mint and maidenhair fern. The vase is green glass with a raised pattern.
Approximate dimensions: 8" tall by 7" wide

Nina - $150 to $175
Nina Simone was an author, musician, singer and civil rights activist. Her music defied standard definitions and through her writings, she became known as the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. She sang to share her truth and her work still resonates with great emotion and power today.
Nina features roses, tulips, lilac, ranunculus, foxglove and viburnum accented with aranda orchids, mint and maidenhair fern. The green glass vase has a pattern of raised buttons and is sure to become a vase she keeps to use over and over again.
Approximate dimensions: 16" tall by 12" wide.

Amelia - $80 to $100
Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first person to fly across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. She had a determination and ambition beyond her flying accomplishments. She dedicated her life to prove that women could excel in their chosen professions and that they have equal value. 
Amelia's classic design includes beautiful ranunculus, double tulips, local lilac, viburnum, bleeding hearts and grape hyacinth with a modern touch of succulents, all contained in a vintage inspired glass vase with metallic accents. 

Approximate dimensions: 9" tall by 9" wide.

Eleanor - $110 to $130
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt changed the role of the first lady through her active participation in American politics. She served at the UN focusing on human rights and women's issues. She was a writer and a humanitarian.
Eleanor is an elegant mix of flowers including ranunculus, tulips, local lilac, bleeding heart and grape hyacinth accented with viburnum and succulents. The low glass vase is vintage inspired with metallic shaded accents.
Approximate dimension: 9" tall by 7" wide.

Madeleine - $65
Madeleine Albright was the first woman to become the US Secretary of State. She was a force to be reckoned with. Her contributions to diplomacy, democracy, and world affairs were honored with several honorary degrees and in 2012, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Peonies and mint in a frosted glass orb.

Approximate Dimensions: 8" tall by 8" wide.

Katharine - $100
Katharine Hepburn was known for her fierce independence and spirited personality, summarized by her quote that "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
Peonies and mint in a frosted glass sphere. Call us to find out what other colors of peonies we have in stock. 
Approximate dimensions: 9.5" Tall by 9.5" wide.

Jackie - $75
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was known for her style and elegance. She was the absolute personification of grace.
Jackie has peach carnations accented with a hat of spray roses, succulents, galax leaves, faux pearl sprays and tulle for a look as classy as the former First Lady herself.
Approximate dimensions: 8" tall by 6.5" wide.

Coco - $97.50
Coco Chanel was known for her lifelong determination, ambition, and energy. As a fashion designer and businesswoman, she created an iconic brand that landed her on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th Century. 
We have topped a clever figural vase with peach carnations and given it a hat made of roses, succulents and galax leaves accented with feathers, faux pearls and tulle. Fashion at it's finest.
Approximate dimensions: 11" tall by 9" wide.

Floral Design Classes
Do you need a gift for a mom who has everything? Consider giving the experience of one of our floral design classes! Our floral design classes are a fun way to learn new skills and tricks of the trade. At the end of the evening, she will get to take home her floral creation (valued at $125) that she has made and a gift bag with all of the essential floral tools. Gift certificates are available for our classes which are offered several times a year. Classes are $165.
Additional information on the classes is available on our website. Call us to register your mom or to order a gift certificate.

Upcoming classes:
June 1st -Peonies

We have a beautiful selection of orchid plants for moms with a green thumb. Beginning at $100, they are sure to remind your mother of your love for months to come. 
Phalaenopsis Orchids - From $100

April 18, 2017

Introducing Bloomerent

We have partnered with Bloomerent to give brides and event hosts a way to ensure that their centerpieces won’t go to waste at the end of the evening. By working with Bloomerent we are able to list your centerpieces in their online database. Another event occurring around the same time as your wedding can "opt in" to your centerpieces and we will repurpose your flowers and deliver them to the other event. All you have to do is choose your flowers! Not only will you save money by sharing your flowers, but you will ensure that they get a second life at another wedding or special occasion. 
If you are looking to save money on centerpieces you can select from the list of available arrangements that our clients are offering and save from 40% to 60% on them. We pick the centerpieces up from their first use and bring them back to our studio and freshen them up before delivering them to you or you can save even more money by picking them up from our studio near Greenlake. We can even make minor changes to them to accommodate your palette.
We began our partnership with Bloomerent in March 2017. More centerpieces will become available as more of our clients choose to participate in this exciting program.
Bloomerent has been featured as an eco-friendly alternative in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Huffington Post, CNN and Inc. magazine.
Learn more about Bloomerent on our website including an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.

January 29, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

1. glamourous (adj.)

having an air of allure, romance and excitement

Our Valentine's Day collection this year has us thrilled.  We have curated a glamourous collection of vases, flowers and accents that is our best ever to help you express your love.  Your Valentine is sure to be thrilled when they receive one of our exclusive arrangements on this holiday for lovers.

Ordering is easier than ever this year as well.  Just click on the name of the floral that you would like to order and you will be taken directly to the order page for that arrangement or you can give us a call at (206) 329-3944 and we will be happy to take care of every detail for you.


Radiant - $175

We have updated our signature dozen rose arrangement with a silver vase. Send "Radiant" and your Valentine is sure to glow. Red roses, hydrangea, andromeda, dusty miller, cymbidium orchids and greenery in a tall ceramic vase. Approximate dimensions: 18" tall by 15" wide.

One Dozen Roses - $175
Eighteen Roses - $225
Twenty Four Roses - $275


Resplendent - $175
In addition to the traditional red roses we are also offering our signature dozen rose floral with gorgeous Fado roses in a delightful peachy pink. Fado roses, hydrangea, andromeda, dusty miller, cymbidium orchids and greenery in a tall ceramic vase.  Approximate dimensions: 18" tall by 15" wide.
Other rose colors available with advanced notice. Please call our studio to place an order for a custom rose color or give us three days for delivery if you place your order online.

One Dozen Roses - $160
Eighteen Roses - $200
Twenty Four Roses - $235


Dazzle - $90
"Dazzle" your Valentine with our jeweled cube of red roses, simply arranged. They will speak volumes to the one you love.
Approximately 7" tall by 6" wide.

Sparkle - $120 to $170

Add "Sparkle" to your Valentine's day with our dozen red roses in this jeweled cube finished with greens and accented with feathers., Sheer glamour!
Approximate dimensions: 8" tall by 7" wide.

One Dozen Roses (shown) - $120
Fifteen Roses - $145 
Eighteen Roses - $170


Luminous - $135 to $155
Webster's defines luminous as "relative quality of radiation emitted by a celestial source." Our Luminous floral shines just as bright with a mixture of peachy-pink Fado roses, spray roses, Mango miniature calla lilies, fragrant hyacinth, jasmine, andromeda, kalanchoe and greens in a sparkling rose gold ceramic vase. Approximately 16" tall by 12" wide.


Lustre - $130 to $160
Say "I love you" with our tropical Lustre floral, a tropical delight with feathery proteas, aranda orchids, succulents, fern curls, ti leaves and greenery.  Approximately 14" tall by 14" wide.


Prismatic - $95

Prismatic Top View
Our modern texture bowl floral, offered exclusively for Valentine's Day, will "refract" well on you. In Primsatic, we have accented red roses, with miniature cymbidium orchids, blackberries, succulents, sweet William, and greens, caged with bear grass. The silver ceramic container has a quilted, diamond pattern and would make a wonderful pot for succulents or cacti after the flowers are spent.  Approximately 7" tall by 15" by 6"


Twinkle - $120 - $142.50
Add a "Twinkle" to your loved one's eye with this sweetheart of an arrangement. Pink ranunculus snuggle with hot pink spray roses, hydrangeas and Queen Anne's Lace in a silver filigree glass vase. Crystal floral pins provide a glittery finish.  Approximately 9" tall by 7" wide.

Mixed Florals

In addition to our special Valentine's Day collection of florals, we can also create a custom arrangement for you in our signature pavé style.  Florals for delivery begin at $75.

Chocolate Truffles

Make your Valentine's Day gift extra special with a box of handmade truffles from Seattle's Chocolate Box.  We have selected a special collection of truffles that are not only delicious, but a feast for the eyes.

Box of 4 - $15
Box of 8 - $30

Tokyo Milk Valentine's Day Cards
Personalize your gift with a greeting card from Tokyo Milk and we will hand-write your message inside. The cards have incredibly witty sayings, are printed in the United States and have hand-applied glitter.

 Valentine's Day Cards - $5

As an alternative to cut flowers, we also have a wonderful selection of orchid plants available for delivery. Orchids range from $100 to $225.

Order Early for Best Selection
While we will strive to have all of the items listed available through February 14th, some items may sell out. By ordering early you will ensure that we have exactly what you are looking for. We encourage you to request delivery on Monday, February 13th so that your gift can be enjoyed all day on Valentine's Day and you will look like a hero.

Our delivery area includes all of Seattle and extends from Lynnwood south to Burien and out to Lake Sammamish. We can also arrange for a courier to deliver your gift from Everett to Olympia and out to Bremerton for delivery on Monday or Tuesday (call for pricing).

There is never a charge to pick up your order. Our minimum delivery order for for February 10th through the 14th is $75. Delivery prices increase $5 for February 11th through 14th. We regret that due to the volume of deliveries, we are not able to offer specific delivery times during Valentine's week. However; for an additional fee we can send your order via taxi or courier to arrive by a specified time. 

Studio Hours
Give us a call to place your order or you may also place your order online. We can be reached at our studio at 206.329.3944 from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday and 10 to 5 on Saturday, February 11th and Sunday, February 12th.