March 05, 2008

A Guide to Ordering Orchid Plants

At Fiori Floral Design, we love orchids. They make a wonderful expression of gratitude or sympathy. Phaelenopsis orchids are long lasting and make a statement that is sure to impress. We always keep an assortment of premium orchids on hand for delivery. Our orchids are always immaculately dressed and in a premium pot. Here is a guide to ordering orchids from Fiori.

Single orchids are available beginning at $80.

We love to pair orchids with other plants. Here a statuesque purple phaelenopsis orchid is paired with a succulent called a turtle plant. We also love orchids combined with ferns, fibrous begonias or diffenbachia. Orchids with other plants begin at $100.

Two orchids plant together make an even bigger statement. Here we have paired them with miniature palms for $150. Two orchids alone begin at $135.

This miniature garden of orchids includes a purple phaelenopsis orchid, several fancy orchids with an assortment of ferns, fibrous begonias and succulents in a black ceramic bowl makes a fun statement that is constantly changing. Collections like this are available for $195.

For a really impressive statement, choose an assortment of phaelenopsis and lady slipper orchids for $275.

Orchids get a bad rap for being difficult to care for. The truth is that with a little attention, you can get these queens of the plant world to bloom for two or three months. For orchid care tips we recommend this guide.

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