November 10, 2008

The Wedding Consultation Process

Here are some tips to help us work with you in planning flowers and decor for your wedding. Our process is three steps, which helps us to plan your perfect wedding.

The first step is to call for a phone consultation. We will ask questions about the size and location of your wedding: How many attendants, how many guests, where are the ceremony and reception to be held. We ask about favorite flowers, color themes and the feeling of your wedding. If you know what your budget is, that is helpful to us. We will use this information to give you a general range for our services with a minimum and maximum tailored to your wedding.

This information is then used to help us prepare for an in-person consultation.

Some things that are helpful to bring to your consultation are:
  • Photos from magazines of what you like and don't like. Maybe you like the shape of a particular bouquet but want different colors, or you like the feeling of a particular centerpiece but not the flowers. We can learn as much from what you don't like as we do from what you do like.
  • A photo of your wedding dress.
  • A photo of your bridesmaid's dresses.
  • Swatches from your bridesmaid's dresses.
  • Contact information for the ceremony and reception sites.
  • A photo of your wedding cake.
  • A copy of your wedding invitation.
  • Linen swatches.
  • Anything that has been inspirational to you for style.
  • Photos or swatches of the Mother's dresses.
We will show you photos of some of our past work to give you more inspiration. When we feel that we have a good idea of your personal style and ideas are, we will work on designing a perfect wedding for you. This process usually takes about two weeks.

Depending on the scale of your wedding, we may ask to meet in-person again so we can convey our ideas to you. Quite often we are able to email the proposal to you and go over our ideas by phone.

Should you decide to use Fiori Floral Design for your wedding, you can reserve the date with a deposit of 25% of the total for your wedding flowers, with the balance due two weeks prior.

As always, please feel free to call us with any questions. 206.329.3944.

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