April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009

Here is an idea on how to reduce your impact on the environment. It doesn't take long to develop quite a collection of vases. A birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day and you can end up with many more vases than you need. Why not reuse those vases? Bring in any clean vase that came from Fiori Floral Design and we will give you credit towards your next floral purchase. Reusing vases means fewer vases needing to be imported from overseas.

Do you have a favorite vase that you love to use at home that you would love for us to design something in for an upcoming event? Drop it off at our studio up to a month in advance of when you need it and we will create a beautiful floral in it and return to you in time for your event. You get an even more personalized floral and all of your money goes into flowers.

Little things can make a difference.

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