January 21, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 - Rose Florals

Our dozen rose floral arrangements are our signature floral. Each Valentine's Day, we take them a step further with more accents in beautiful combinations to make an already impressive floral spectacular. This year we've paired our roses with accents like agapanthus, scented geranium leaf, rex begonia and cymbidium orchids.

Our featured red rose this year is the dark and silky Black Baccara rose. This sultry rose is tops on our list for customers who want to express their love with something traditional but richer than most red roses.

If you are looking to send something a little different, look no further than our smokey lavender rose, Amnesia. This featured rose is bewitching in it's range of color and will have everyone saying "I've never seen a rose like that before!"

Black Bacarra


Dozen Rose Florals

Our signature arrangement features roses, hydrangea, agapanthus, scented geranium leaf, and cymbidium orchids in a glass vased lined with aurelia leaves. Dozen rose florals come in a 12" glass rose cone vase; 18 or more in a 14" rose cone vase.

Black Bacarra rose florals begin at $150 for a dozen, $195 for 18 and $225 for two dozen. Amnesia rose florals begin at $125 for a dozen, $150 for 18 and $170 for two dozen. Smaller versions with 7 roses available for $110 for Black Bacarra roses and $90 for Amnesia roses.

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