August 29, 2011

Wedding Accolade

Thank you so much for your hard work in your floral arrangements. It is a key beauty element that added to our gorgeous day. You have been so patient, and are such a great listener. The floral arrangements were stunning and was exactly what Mark and I wanted -- chic, contemporary, and warm. The hundreds of candles and simple pieces you suggested to do for the bar tables were great finishing touches as well.

We really appreciated you going above and beyond by putting your work on hold and making those extra corsages and boutonnieres. I apologize for sounding so frantic that morning and desperately wanted to let you know as soon as things calmed down how elated I was with the way things turned out. The day was perfect and we had so many people ask about your work. I just saw your invoice email and the big news of the grand opening (of your new store in September) -- CONGRATS!!!! Made a facebook announcement for those who inquired about my floral arrangements and let them know the big news too. Good luck on your future endeavors and looking forward to seeing more of your dazzling work!

Sincerest Gratitude,

Thao and Mark

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