February 15, 2008

Our Northwest Flower and Garden Show Winner

This floral was our People's Choice Award winning entry in the 2004 Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We called it Morphology because the Green Goddess Calla lilies, viburnum and limes seems to be climbing out of the cocoon of it's cymbidium orchid filled vase. The equisetum reeds provide a pond-like frame for the vase.
We thought it would be interesting to show you how this floral translates into other settings.

This is how we translated Morphology for a client's dinner party in their home. Imagine their guest's surprise to find a floral standing three feet high greeting them as they entered the front door!
We replaced the limes of the original floral with Granny Smith apples and the equisetum with wheat grass.

This is another iteration of Morphology in a completely different color palette that we created for a wedding show. Notice how the floral elements all work together to provide a cohesive look from ceremony to reception.

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