February 25, 2008

A Poolside Dinner Party

The last week's sunny days have us dreaming of summer and reflecting on past events. This was one of our favorites and featured that quintessential summer flower: the dahlia.

For a summer dinner party at a waterfront home in Bellevue, we used dahlias to provide lots of color to accent the owner's extensive art collection. The theme began at the front door with dahlias floating in the pond.

We carried this theme out to the swimming pool by floating dahlias and candles, safely encased in glass bubble bowls. The current from the pool cleaner created a constantly changing pattern of clusters of flowers and candles reflecting off the pool surface.

Poolside bistro tables were the perfect spot to enjoy a drink. A simple combination of dahlias, kalanchoe blooms and mint were showcased in glass cube vases. Additional color was provided with sheer overlays from Choice Linens. We handled all of the linen, table and chair rentals for our client.

Dining tables were decorated with mixed florals of hydrangeas, dahlias, mint, millet, aspidistra and cymbidium orchids.

The dining table served as a buffet station for food. The long but narrow table was decorated with three complementary florals of varying sizes and sandblasted manzanita branches.

The powder room was decorated with a stem of cymbidium orchids and viburnum berries in the client's vase.

Dahlias and viburnum berries were used with candles to decorate the client's heirloom trays on the bar.

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